Monday, August 23, 2010

Alot of stuff going on.

Alot has been going on since the last post. In good news most of the days since then have been PANDAS free days. I did say most which means we had a few symptoms days in there also..
On Aug 16, 2010 I got tired of not getting phone calls returned and emails answered, so I went to the school and right to the principle where he had to talk with me and tell me what all I needed to get this 504 thing in place. I had been giving him the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe he wasn't checking his emails or that he hadn't been at the school listening to my messages.. but NOPE.. When I introduced myself and asked if I could have a minute of his time to talk About Sweet Pea, he said "yes I got your emails and messages" I wanted to scream then why didn't you respond?????? but i just smiled and was nice..
Any ways it looks like it won't be until the 2nd or 3rd week of school when a meeting will take place about the 504.. In the mean time I'm going to have to get alot of paper work in place.. from the doctors and any information I can get my hands on that explains PANDAS to give to the school to get the 504.
But the 504 is important for her to have So that she can do her school work at home when strep is going around the school, or so that she can be given extended time for her work if she is having symptom days that keep her from being able to do her work in any way shape or form..
I'm going to ask that her class room be cleaned and sanitized daily.. but from what my doctor says that is a waist of my time because it won't happen.. but I'm going to try also.. I'm asking in it that she can have bottles of water at her desk or in gym class so she doesn't have to drink out of the drinking fountain, I'm asking that she can keep hand sanitizer with her, and that she can whip down her desk with the Lysol whips after others kids have sat at her desk or when she sits at a different desk(they change class rooms for different subjects, so for Math she might have to sit at another kids desk, then go back to her room where someone was just sitting in her desk for history)
I'll keep you posted on how this goes.

On Aug 17,2010

It was kids day at our county fair, kids get in free.. So we took the family to that.. Sweet Pea had a blast.. at the end before we left she cut her hand open, she was on the spinning tea cup sort of ride and was spinning it and spinning it and then she stopped but left he hand on it and it ripped the skin off her hand.. She did ok with that, as far as didn't freak out or cry her eyes out loudly.. just had tears while we went for first aide.
I wasn't thinking about the germs she could pick up.. ripping skin off her hand or not.. the day before I had been so going crazy about keeping germs away from her at school, then I took her to one of the most germ infested places she could go.. thousands of people.. thousands of kids touching those rides she had her hands all over.. I just wasn't thinking at all...
And Sweet Pea paid the price for it on Wed.
Aug 18, 2010

The morning started out great.. Mr Man(my 10 year old ds), Sweet Pea(who is 8) and Little Man(my 5 yr old ds) all went with my grandpa, there Great Grandpa While DH and I went to Princesses(my 14 yr old dd) High School volleyball scrimmage..
Once again I wasn't thinking.. Grandpa had taken the 3 younger kids putt putting(which wouldn't have been bad if I would have thought to take a Lysol whip to clean the club and ball of germs ) and then to Burger Kings play land(an other one of those places where germs fester ugh) I guess I need to get use to thinking like that because putt putt and play lands have always been a norm for us as a fun treat for the kids...this was all in the morning and by lunch time..

Sweet Pea was fine in the morning, in the afternoon she was having the milder symptom of biting peoples heads off...
That evening was to be her 1st soccer practice.. ONLY... She was having the issues of the sensory symptoms of PANDAS happening(this was only the 2nd time since starting treatment that this has happened) The soccer socks, shine guards and shoes, were hurting her really bad.. She was crying and crying so I told her NOT to wear them.. she could just go to practice in her tennis shoes.. but by then she was just pretty much gone, crying and crying and saying she wanted o quite soccer, she wasn't going to play.
Mr Man told her she had to because mom already paid and that was a waist of money, Him saying that didn't help at all, it made her feel bad and started her crying more I told him to just leave her alone, and we came home before her practice even started.. I got her Motrin right away and with in 40 mins she was happy again nothing was hurting her.
I went back to her soccer practice and had a talk with her coach explaining to her that Sweet Pea has Pandas and what it does and how at the moment when she put her stuff on it felt like knives were gabbing into her, and I explained there might be times she won't make it due to this, but that with in minutes she could be fine again and ready to play.. I told her I could pull her from the team if she thought that was best but I would like to keep her on, She said that was fine she understood.. and that they were having another practice on Thursday.
Aug 19,2010
After the major symptom day she had on Wed I started Sweet Pea of with Motrin along with her antibiotic that morning and kept Motrin in her every 8 hours.. She did fine, she went to soccer and had a blast. While at soccer he 8 hours came up for the Motrin and I just skipped it.. an hour later she was clinging to me, scared to leave my side(we were at my moms house where she had bagged to go spend the night) she was wanting to come home(after just bagging for me to take her there) I could tell it was a symptom so I got her another shot of Motrin in her and just stayed with her in my lap at my moms while it kicked in.. with in 30 mins she was happy, and playing and I left her there to spend the night.

Aug 20,2010
she was symptom free
Aug 21,2010
she had her 1st soccer game of the season they lost but she had a blast..
Though I got sick that night.. head killing me, body hurting all over and couldn't keep food down.. blah...

Aug 22, I was still sick so didn't go to church.. but the kids did and went to the church picnic and had a great time it was at a member of our church house and they live right on the river.. the kids had a blast playing in it..
That brings us to today Aug 23, 2010
Sweet Pea is still sleeping.. it's there last day to sleep in so I'm not waking her, school starts tomorrow.. So far we have had 3 symptom free day in a row I'm praying we can keep going, yet fearing with the start of school it might not be that great of chances..
Keep her in your prayers with the start of school tomorrow..

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