Sunday, August 29, 2010

It has not been a good week.

Every day this week Sweet Pea has had some form of PANDAS symptoms. :-(
most of them mild.. mood, crying, biting your head off, and most the time Motrin helps her deal with that.
but tonight we had something new happen..
Sweet Pea has been a mess all night..
She has been crying all day about her head hurting her.. started out with her
thinking something was crawling in her hair and she wanted me to check her for
lice.. Nothing.. then it went to it felt like a bee stinging her over and over
right in the same spot on her head..
that is when it hit me this is sort of like the sensory stuff where her cloths
were hurting her.. something in her brain right now is telling her she is
feeling this pain on or in her head.. ~sigh~
I gave her the Motrin but one dose didn't cut it.. an hour and half later she
was just crying out of control that her head was hurting something was biting
her on the head..(trust me I looked to make sure there was nothing on her head)
but she was pretty much gone because if there was something there or not doesn't
matter, it feels like that to her and that at that time was her reality.. Great
big ~sigh~ So I gave her another dose of Motrin and by 10pm she had stopped
crying and was able to go to sleep..
OMG if this is already happening and she has only had one week of school.. what
do I do????? I figured a few moody days here and there.. I didn't expect to see
some of the bigger pandas symptoms coming this early.. I figured I wouldn 't see
that till strep was going around the school big time or something..

and I don't even know if this is a Sensory symptom or a hallucination symptom..
guess it doesn't matter either way.. but when the doctor asked about
hallucination before when this started I was able to say No she has never had

She also wouldn't eat anything today.. She at one grill chess sandwich and that
was it all day long..which she has never been a big eater but that is a little
scary to me.. She just kept saying I'm not hungry I'm not hungry..

I'm praying she is ok in the morning.. I'll give her a double dose of Motrin
before school.. but like i said before that doesn't stop her brain from being
under attack it just mask the symptoms of it. :-(

I wish I knew if someone at her school had strep or is a carrier.. Cuz a carrier
wouldn't even know they were passing strep around..

honestly I want to put her in a bubble, but I know I can't .. and I want her to
have a normal life but the more we go on with this, the more I wonder if that is

Tomorrow I also start a 3 week subbing job(did i ever mention here that I'm a sub at our local school district?) In any case.. it's a 3 week assignment all day and I'm worried I might need to bring Sweet Pea home for a week or so.. if she keeps getting bad like this.. ~sigh~
Just pray for her and that God will be done in this.. Thanks.

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