Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another not so well week.

This was Sweet Pea's 2nd week of school and it wasn't the greatest. Symptoms every day.
Monday in the evening she started itching and itching and just fidgeting and saying it felt like 100's of little bugs were crawling all over her ONLY there wasn't anything there,no rash, no redness, nothing that would make her feel the need to itch. Motrin made it all go away
Tuesday she was perfectly fine and happy having a great old time at her Sisters away volleyball game, on our way home I heard he talking I looked in the backseat She was looking up at the roof and talking to herself and with in seconds she was crying her eyes out uncontrollably. Then when we got out of the car she was hanging on me and not wanting to leave my side. I got Motrin in her ASAP and with in 15 mins she was willing to let go of me and with in 30 mins she was back to happy, playing and her old normal self.
Thursday I was on the phone with my grandma I was pretty much in tears explaining all that has been going on, Grandma stopped me and said Lets Praying now.. She prayed with me right there on the phone.. This was in the afternoon while Sweet Pea was still at school. When she came home on Thursday, she was happy, normal, not sad.. We went to princess's volleyball game she did great all though that and was symptom free all night long..
Friday she seemed great after school also.. I don't know how the whole night went if she had symptoms or not because she went Friday evening to spend the night at my moms right there means she must have been feeling alright or she wouldn't have wanted to go.. Hopefully she did fine the rest of the evening, I'll find out later today.

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