Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I almost forgot to mention today... But I went out and got Sweet Pea a probiotic today.

When she started the antibiotic 5 months ago(or how ever long ago May was) her doctor just told me to have her eat alot of yogurt..

Well Sweet Pea is so sick of yogurt I think at this point in time she even hates the word yogurt.. For the last 3 weeks maybe 4 now.. she has just simply refused to eat it..and I know I'm the mother and she has to do what I say, yada yada yada..... PLEASE.. you deal with a child with PANDAS and all the issues that goes along with that and you learn to pick your battles even more wisely then any parent with normal healthy children.. so not to be rude.. but SHUT UP(sorry that is just the mood I'm in LOL)

OK.. back to what I was saying..

Her stomach has been hurting her pretty much every day even before she stopped eating yogurt, so I have been looking around for the right kind of probiotic to give her.. I found 3 that looked good for children online, but never found them at any of the health stores.. I wanted to try one more health store before I ordered online.. Well I did not find the brand i was looking for, but I found Children's chewable(since she can't do pills yet) in two flavors, Cherry and orange. it seem to have all the same stuff in it as the ones I was looking at online So I bought them.. one of each flavor cuz you never know with her what she might like and be willing to take one day and not the other..

What I like about this one as oppose to the one I was thinking of ordering online.. This one you take on an empty stomach, the other you had to take with meals, This one is a chewable the other was a caplet and I would have had to open it and mix it in one of her foods.. and I would have had to do it at lunch time meaning I would have had to get the school to agree with something more, they already act like I'm being a pain in the behind.. that or I would have had to be at the school everyday to give it to her. This she can take anytime before she eats but it has to be at least a 3 hour space between it and her antibiotic..

She takes her morning a/b between 8 and 8:30am(she takes it with food as to help her from having an upset stomach) Her night time dose she gets between 8:30 and 9pm with a bedtime snack. So I'm thinking right after school will be a good time for the probiotic.. she will have an empty stomach and there is enough time space between both doses of A/b.

Ok it's now ten mins past midnight.. I must get myself to bed..

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