Sunday, October 17, 2010

So much going on.

There has been so much going on PANDAS wise over the last two weeks that I don't even know where to begin..
I'm just going to do a very quick not very interesting update there just so I don't forget stuff.. I'll go into more details when I have more time.

Oct 2,2010 Very bad PANDAS day crying for 5 hours.
Oct 3,2010 better but not good PANDAS day.
Oct 4,2010 meeting with her pedi to talk about PANDAS stuff
Oct 6,2010 emailed and talked on the phone with a PANDAS doctor in NJ.
Oct 7,2010 back with another meeting with her pedi. Also blood work done
Oct 11,2010 another doctor appt with the pedi. who is getting her set up with a doc at the Akron Children's hospital.
Oct 15 Akron Children's call to set up the appt for Dec 7,2010

I was to have a phone call with the PANDAS doc in NJ on the 18th but cancelled it for now.. I think I'll call and set up a new time soon.

In the mean time.. 10/2/10 was the last bad bad day we have had in the last two weeks.. most days have been very mild PANDAS stuff moodiness, and crying.. but no major stuff.

Sorry so dry here, but I needed to document this so I didn't forget.. I just haven't found time to write out the whole long sad story..

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