Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still alot going on.. here is another update.

I guess I shouldn't have said no major PANDAS stuff since Oct 2nd when I wrote that post on the 17th.. ~sigh~

On The evening of Oct 17th Sweet Pea ended up sick upset stomach and diarrhea right before we were leaving for evening church. so she ended up home.
On Monday the 18th she was still sick, slight fever, and still all the stomach issues and her head was hurting.. Little Man ended up sick that day also.

The funny thing about this is that though she was sick there was still no signs of PANDAS symptoms at all

Tuesday they both woke up feeling good so off to school they went. On Tuesday evening Sweet Pea was complaining about a rash on her legs that was itching her.. I had no idea what sort of rash it was.. I didn't think strep rash because she still was not having symptoms. a few hours later Princess(my 14 year old) ended up with the same sort of rash on her arms

Wed Oct 20,2010 I kept Sweet pea home from school because I didn't know what the rash was and thought maybe it was break through chicken pox or something that could be spread on.. But still no symptoms of PANDAS which i was happy for..
Late that afternoon I took both her and Princess to the doctor to see what the rash was, turns out it was a viral rash brought one by the virus she must have had on Sunday and Monday(though Princess never was sick??)
As we were leaving the doctors office she started to act a little weird.. I'm not sure if it was normal kids acting weird stuff or some sort of OCD compulsions type stuff..
As we left the exam room and walked down the hall she didn't walk in front of any of the other exam room doors she jumped past them each and everyone of them.. sort of like walk walk walk, jump walk walk walk jump.. I didn't think a thing of it, she was happy and in a good mood So maybe she was just playing around.. Then when we reached the receptionist desk she ducked down so they wouldn't see her and sort of walked bend over past them.. still didn't think a thing of it.. once past the desk she stood up by the wall where the receptionist couldn't see her like nothing going on at all and asked if she could head out to the waiting room to see the fish.. I said yes..
So she opened up the door which in between the checking out and the waiting room and she walked upright right to where the check in window is and then she ducked down and walked under it.. This made me sort of start to wonder and watch her a little closer.. Once pasted it she walked upright over to the fish. I was still at check out but could see her though the glass windows at the check in side.. when she saw I was about down she walked back to me.. ducking again when she came to the check in window.. Weird.. but then it got better..
Once out in the parking lot she started jumping from white line to white line never walking on the black top just jumping from line to line.. Once again if I had never heard of PANDAS I would just think normal kid messing around sort of thing.. but I had to ask her what she was doing since I was starting to wonder if it was just a normal kids thing or not.. so I asked "what are you doing?"
She said "I have to do it this way" The words HAVE TO just jumped out at me.. so I asked "why?" she said "because I'm not aloud to walk on black" ????????
This had me wondering if it was an OCD thing where the rules that are going though your head make you do different things or her just messing around. but the whole black thing sure explained the way she was acting On Monday and Tuesday which I didn't think anything of until she did/said this..
Our driveway is black topped. All day Monday and Tuesday and even going to the van to get to the doctors on Wed.. She asked if I could carry her, she said "because I don't feel good" on Monday and "because I'm still tired from being sick" on Tuesday.. Wed she just asked if I could give her a piggy back ride to the van.. So when I thought about this.. She honestly had not walked to or from the van on our "black" topped driveway in days. And now here she was not walking on the black top of the doctors office parking lot she was jumping from white line to white line.. This was bugging me.. so on the way home I asked her "So if you can't walk on black how are you going to get into the house when we get home" She said "you can park close to the grass and I can jump out and just walk in the grass up to the back porch"(our driveway is in our back yard)
She had it all figured out, so me wanting to see how far this would go.. Parked the van the furthest away I could from the grass. Everyone got out of the van and walked up to the house except Sweet Pea.. she had the side van door open just standing in the van looking out for a good two minutes just looking out at the driveway.. I didn't bug with her I wanted to see what she would do.. Then she took a big jump towards the middle of the driveway sort of 1/2 way between the van and the yard, once there she sprinted into the grass, then she walked normal in the grass up to the porch.. and we didn't mention it again. I did have to go outside to shut the van door though..
Still don't know if that was an OCD thing or her messing around.. But that started a stream of other PANDAS symptom days.
On Thursday when she woke up she was extremely moody.. and crying.. but she went to school.. Thursday after school she almost had a meltdown that I hadn't got her signed up for her gymnastics like I said I would do after soccer ended(well soccer just ended on that Saturday I was going to wait till Nov) But to keep her from having the melt down I got her in for that nights class.. She did well in it..
But came home still moody.. She didn't sleep well that night..
and the next morning was bad.

Friday Oct 22,2010
She woke up in full PANDAS mood.. just jumping on everyone, little things making her crazy and setting her off.. That day wasn't going good for a normal person, couldn't find a brush which my oldest one had taken all 3 of our brushes and lost them or forgot them over the last few days and now our last brush was missing and my 10 year old Mr Man misplaced his comb. Sweet Pea was willing to just toss her hair into a ponytail but she was so moody about it and just chewing and chewing about it.. I didn't much care if I got Little Man's hair in place we were running behind.. BUT Mr Man the 10 year old had school pictures that day and I HAD to have his hair done so we were just going to be late until we found that comb.. we found it and got out the door 5 mins later then what we normally do..
That sent Sweet Pea over the top into a full out fit crying and crying and refusing to go to school because she was going to be late.. I couldn't get her under control she was gone in a PANDAS attack.. So she stayed home that day..
The rest of the weekend was much of the same.. crying and crying and crying.. with a few hours of normal Happy Sweet Pea here and there..

This brings us to Sunday night Oct 24th it was crazy hair night at Awanas.
She did her hair up in about 25 ponytails.. she was very pleased with it, she even did her friends hair just like it so she could go with us.. Once at church as she was about to walk into club at check in.. she had a mood swing from happy excited to just mad about something and started ripping out every rubber band out of her hair saying something in a mad voice about how she doesn't want them in her hair just get them out and she wasn't being to gentle when she took them out.. I didn't fuss with her I just gathered all the rubber bands from her and got her into club.
When club was over she was having issues with the van ride home and it being dark out, she didn't want to leave the van once we got home..
At bedtime it was time for her evening antibiotic and she was fighting me about taking it.. "I don't want to, you can't make me, Why do you hate me and make me take this all the time" SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not like her.. she is normally the one who reminds me about it and happily willing goes and gets it.
I wasn't going to battle with her about this.. I mean this is what is keeping her well, and or going to make her better.. It wasn't an option.
So I filled it into the dropper and dropped it into her mouth..

This started her screaming at full force she didn't want to spit it out, she doesn't like being sticky, think that is the only reason she didn't.. So she was trying to scream while holding the meds in her mouth and keep it from dripping out and also not swallowing it..
The way she was screaming had her lip pulled over her gum and when she did that I saw it.. What I think is the cause of our problems..

Her gum was all red with a bump like thing of puss in it.. and abscessed.

I'll end this here because I'm tired and it's almost midnight and I'll continue this story tomorrow.

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