Friday, October 29, 2010

What a morning.

(There is alot I need to fill in the blanks between this post and the one below, but since this is fresh in my head since it happened today I wanted to get it typed out and posted. I'll try to fill in the blanks here shortly)
I don't think I would have believed it if I didn't see it, but Sweet Pea started having symptoms after leaving the dentist yesterday, They didn't do work but they poked around in her mouth for a good while even making her gums bleed. After leaving the dentist 1st she cried for about 20 mins after we left, then she was a little snippy with people the rest of the day.
We went to my grandmas to pick up the boys and my grandma wanted her to wear a winter coat which just about sent her over the edge, Grandma wanted her to stay at her house while I went home got there Halloween costumes and made cupcakes, but Sweet pea was having no part in it because "I'm not going to stay here if Grandma is going to yell at me" Even though Grandma never yelled at her.. So she came with me.
That night at trick or treat she started off pretty hyper, then went from that to snippy and loud, then at the end sort of mad.. stuff like "I don't care I want to go home" When I was explaining to her we were going home we were working our way home that is when she would snap "I don't care I want to go home now"
Once at home she was fine and went to sleep well, but woke up like a bear.

1st she wouldn't get up, she laid in bed 20 mins after I woke her up refusing to get up.. Next we were out of her favorite breakfast food, well really it's not her favorite it's just been sort of like an OCD thing, every morning she HAS to eat 1 and only 1 cookie and cream poptart.. but she ate the last one yesterday and I forgot to go to the store to get more.. This had her crying that she wasn't going to eat anything to which I started going though a long list of things I have and telling her she had to eat something because she had to take her antibiotic which would upset her stomach if she didn't' eat. When I told her i could make her a grilled cheese she said fine.(lately the only things she has been eating if the 1 poptart for breakfast, grilled cheese, mac n cheese, and chicken nuggets, though she doesn't seem to have any trouble with candy) So she did eat and did take her antibiotic. But then she wanted to get dressed in the bathroom(which seems to have become a thing with her, never changing her cloths anywhere but the bathroom) Only her big brother was using it and she couldn't get in there, which sent her into crying again. When he was done she walked in then came out screaming her head off at him that he stunk it up and she wouldn't go in to get dressed for another 10 mins.. understandable since he did stink it up.. but she was mad and angry and crying about it, just way over the top over reacting for a normal person, but seems to be par for the course with PANDAS symptoms.
Once dressed it was time to walk out the door, Mr Man was mins away from being late So I dropped him off at his school 1st since Sweet Pea and Little man's school doesn't start till 15 mins after Mr man.
This set Sweet Pea off even more she was crying and yelling kicking off her shoes screaming she isn't going to school now.. She worked herself up so much that it really was imposable for her to get out and get into school. So we dropped Little Man off and I brought Sweet Pea home with me(3rd time this month she was dressed for school then couldn't get there because of emotional stuff) where she continued to cry for 3 hours. Most of those 3 hours were just sob, but an occasional throwing the pillow across the room(or whatever she had close to her or in her hand would be tossed) And saying stuff like "Call Dr Trippe he will make this better" or "Why do I have to feel this way" and " Why does everything bad always happen to me"
It went from that to her working herself up over school and this made her cry more "I'm going to flunk 3rd grade" "I'm not going to pass, I just know it" "everyone knows I'm not going to pass" "I just want to be homed schooled that way I won't flunk when I feel like this" from there it went to "Why is everyone always being so mean to me" "no one likes me" "Everyone is going to make fun of me for being this way"
All the while she can't stop crying.. she can't really sit still every like 10 mins she is moving from one place to cry to the next. One minute wanting to be in my arms having me holding her to the next yelling at me because "YOU HATE ME"

After 2 hours of this, and her asking me to call her doctor about 3 different times. I made the call..

He issued more blood work(2nd round this week, 3rd round in the last 12 days)
He also told me that the 2nd set of numbers all came back pretty much in the normal range also.. and once again said we might need to treat the symptoms with Zoloft, which I really really really don't want to do. :-(
I know if these numbers come back in normal range he is going to push for the Zoloft hard. but I also have learned that in PANDAS girls there numbers are very often normal.. but I don't know if her doctor knows this.
Her doctor has been doing the best he can for her, but I'm really really thinking it is time to call the PANDAS doctor in NJ again and hand him Sweet Pea's case and let him be the one to treat her for PANDAS, and let her pediatrician go back to just being her normal when I'm sick or need a check up doctor.

When I was told by another PANDAS parent about girls numbers often showing normal they pointed me to this survey

In this survey they show a graph with symptoms.. out of these 21 symptoms Sweet pea has 12 of them.
GI issues
Sleep Issues
Restrictive eating
Social Anxiety
Age Inappropriate Tantrums
Age Inappropriate Bedtime rituals
Age Inappropriate separation
Mood issues
Sensory Issues

And I guess she seems to follow suit when it comes to alot of the girls not having elevated ASO Titer

Mind you while she has had all of these symptoms she doesn't have them every day maybe the mood has been and issue most days since school started.. but the others ones come and go and can hit at any given time normally without warning.

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