Monday, September 20, 2010

Really bad morning

Sweet Pea had a really bad morning today. She woke up got dressed which was a battle in and of itself. She couldn't' t find anything that felt right on her :-(

that should have been my clue that this was going to be a PANDAS day .

But after going though all her dresses I told her I don't care what you wear just put on whatever feels right.. a skirt and shirt I bought her last spring in the heat of all this PANDAS stuff is what she picked.. She looked pretty, but I knew that was her go to outfit when things were bugging her sensory wise.

So she is up, she is dressed, she ate her breakfast, I want to brush her hair and leave for school.. I was working today and was needing to drop them off at school and get to the school I was working at.. Only I couldn't find her she was off sitting in a room alone with a blanket over her head crying her eyes out... I couldn't get her to stop and tell me what was wrong... she just kept crying and crying..

I tried to get her up and moving for school.. but it wasn't happening.. She was just having a PANDAS morning.. I don't know if the hiding and crying was anxiety, mood sort of stuff, or if she just was hurting and not feeling right from sensory stuff...

I didn't know what to do.. I knew I wasn't sending her to school like this... but I had to get to the school myself working in the spec need class where there are not many subs who can cover that... So I couldn't call off..

So I called my grandma who lives 5 mins away.. asked if Sweet Pea could come stay with them...

She cried the whole way to grandmas but was happy to be going over there.. She hid under the blanket the whole way there also..

Once at grandmas I guess she took a 3 hour nap.

I went to check on her during my lunch and she was up no longer crying.. She still looked extremely sad, no smiles, no happy chatter box like she normally is.. but she said she wanted to go to school.. So I took her in a 1/2 day.

She is still not her self at all, but she is holding it together..

I didn't give her Motrin today because her tummy is hurting her really bad as it is.. I need to go get those probiotics soon and get them in her and try to help her not get sick from that antibiotics killing off the good stuff that keeps her tummy well. :-(

Just not a good day for Sweet Pea.

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