Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Dental stuff.

I have been a little busy and haven't had a chance to update the blog.
Still really busy so I'm going to cheat in my update.
I belong to a PANDAS email support group.. So though out this dentist stuff with Sweet Pea I have been updating the group. So I'm just going to copy and paste what I have been writing here, just changing the names to the kids blog names.
Here was the 1st update after the surgery on Tuesday.

I'll let ya know later if I'm seeing PANDAS flare up or not.. right now I can't
tell if it's normal crying and freaking out what would be expected from a 8 year
old who did not want to have this done and now has her whole mouth in pain, plus two injection sites at her arm which is hurting her and her stomach is upset because she is refusing to eat or drink anything yet I forced her antibiotic in her which normally gets upsets her stomach when taken on an empty belly. Right at the moment.. she seems fine but from the time she woke up at 1:30pm she has done nothing but cry off and on, more on then off, with alot of screaming at the top of her lungs about why did I do this to her and how bad her mouth hurts and how her arms hurts and how her head feels dizzy(from being put under) and just alot of laying in bed crying..
Was this normal waking up being sore and in pain stuff maybe.. Seeing how she isn't doing it now, she is still in bed but now has a Popsicle she is sucking on
and while she seems mad and snippy she isn't crying.. She only had a tiny melt down at the office before hand she started crying in the waiting room saying she wasn't going to have it done, she didn't want to be put to sleep she didn't want any IV's she didn't want a shot, That little crying turned into her running into the bathroom and locking herself in, Thankfully I thought about that before hand and I ran in after her so she locked us both in and it took me 15 mins of her screaming and crying about how much I must hate her to do this to her.. before I was able to get her to agree to come out of the bathroom then the person before her was running over so her 10:30am start time went till 11:30am which left her sitting in the waiting room thinking about it, which was NOT a good thing.. She cried that whole hour.. hiding curled up in a corner with her coat over her head... Once back there we had two game plans one was put her under by IV but if she wasn't taking part in that he was going to give her a quick shot to knock her out.. I knew before they even called her back it was going to be the shot.. so I held her on my lap she was flatly refusing to take off her coat so while I held her arms and upper body the dentist held her legs and the other guy pulled her coat down over her shoulder and gave her the shot. with in mins she was out..

Everything went well dental wise. she had 11 teeth worked on including 3 big cavities, one crown and a tooth pulled, she also lost a loose tooth while they were doing the work.

Now I wait and see what affect this has on her PANDAS wise.. I would be tempted to say all this crying is symptoms, but then I think it is also very normal to be afraid before being put to sleep and having dental work.. and over reacting might have become her norm since all this started I just don't really know.. Tomorrow either she will be over all the fair and pain and be back to herself.. or she could be worse and then I'll know what is going on.(I think LOL)

Just wanted to give you all an update.
This was written around 5pm on Tuesday Nov 10,2010
everyone was responding that they glad things went well and that she didn't seem to end up with symptoms.. My next update to them was this. It was written at around 7pm on Nov 10,2010
Thanks guys since I wrote last.. She has improved greatly.. She is now pleasant, sitting on the couch showing her little brother all the new stickers the dentist gave her, She ate some soft mac and cheese and she seems happy.. So at the moment all is going really well... I honestly didn't get my hopes up to see my sweet little girl today.. but at this moment she is herself. Thank you Lord..
one moment at a time is all i can ask.. praying she goes to bed as happy and wakes this way also.
My next update wasn't until 11:55PM on Nov 11,2010
here it is
Well she went to bed last night happy, just in pain and for some new reason she
is refusing Motrin.. I mean if I want to battle her and force it down her I
think I could I mean I'm still bigger then she is LOL.. But I figured if the
pain got that bad she knew I had Tylenol or Motrin that could help.. but she
would just cover her mouth and start crying No no no no every time I offered..
So she cried a bit here and there about pain last night.. but she slept

She seemed to have woke up happy this morning.. but about 9am I think it was
more PANDAS crying then pain crying at that point..
She didn't go to school because she still wasn't feeling well and still
couldn't really eat anything and was still in pain.. But she spent most of the day today crying.. at 1st I was thinking she was just hurting and that might have been some of it.. But when it got dark tonight her fear of the dark was back. I had to make sure every window was covered where she couldn't see the dark..
I had to go to the school for parent teacher conf. this evening at 6pm my
husband doesn't get home till 6:15 6:20pm from work.. So my 15 year old was
going to watch the younger 3 kids for a few mins. until my husband got home..
Sweet Pea was not having any part of that she was crying and crying... but then
was able to tell me she was just to scared to stay home with Princes(my oldest)
She said "I need an adult" At that point I knew it was symptoms she just doesn't get scared like that normally and she also loves when Princess is the babysitter..
I explained to her that daddy would be home very shortly after I left.. but the
look of fear that was in her eyes I knew it was pointless and I couldn't leave
her with Princess.. 1st off it wasn't fair to her and 2nd not fair to Aubrie to have
to have her deal with Sweet Pea so scared out of her mind.. So I was almost late
to the meetings because I called grandma and took sweet Pea over to grandmas house where she would feel safe. When i picked her up and drove her home.. she was so scared in the van looking out at the dark.. she wasn't crying but she looked so afraid sitting in the front seat next to me with her knees pulled up to her chest.. So I asked her if she was ok, she said no not really but I'm trying hard mommy. At home she followed me from room to room and tonight she wouldn't go to sleep in a bedroom be it mine or hers.. She wanted to sleep in the living room but not on the couch she wanted to lay on a blanket on the floor next to the couch.. and then I had to lay right on the ground with her with my arms wrapped around her at one point my 5 year old started yelling for me from his bed so I got up to see what he needed and Sweet Pea just cried and cried and cried the whole time I was gone, not just a normal cry but the freaked out sort of uncontrollable crying.. I was only gone no more then 3 mins, 5 year old only wanted me to cover him up and kiss him goodnight. Then I laid down with her again this time she wrapped her arms around me as so I wouldn't leave again.. and she continued to cry for about 40 more mins just because I left her for 3 mins. the bad thing was I had to pee really bad but knew if I moved she would start this freaked out crying all over again.. I held on till I couldn't any more then explained to her that mommy had to go to the bathroom.. she got all upset and started crying even harder she didn't follow me to the bathroom but went into full melt down crying hiding under a blanket while I was gone which wasn't very long at all.. instead of going to lay back with her I went right for the
Motrin.. had to fight with her but got it down her.. then I held her in my arms
laying on the hard floor in the living room.. for about 20 mins of her crying more when she stopped.. she rolled out of my arms said, good night mom and fell asleep.
I'm going to just sleep on the couch out in the living room tonight because I
have no idea what she might be like if she wakes up in the middle of the night..
but at least she is asleep now..
On Friday Nov 12, 2010
She woke up happy, went to school came home happy, went and played at grandma's then came home and her friend called asking her to spend the night and she wanted to..So she did, No one called me through the night and she is still at her friends house. They just called me asking if she could go to a baby shower with them.. She sounded all excited about going and sounded fine on the phone.. So she must be doing ok at the moment.

That is where we are at for now..

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