Monday, November 8, 2010

Filling in the blanks.

I did this jump from Oct 24th to Oct 29th between my last post about what was going on.. So I wanted to take a few minutes to fill in some blanks and then get all caught up till Nov 8, 2010

This was the 1st post covering Oct 17-24,2010

Oct 24 was a Sunday night and when I notices that red gum with the puss in it.

Oct 25th I emailed her doctor letting him know she had symptoms all weekend and that I found that infection in her gums. He had the office call me and bought her in to be seen on Oct 26th.,

Oct 26, at the office he confirmed it was an abscessed and he had us go to the hospital for more blood work. He also raised her antibiotic from 250mg twice a day to 500mg twice a day.

Oct 27 I called her new dentist.. who didn't want any part in this with her immune disorder

Oct 28 her old dentist agreed to see her but wanted her in to take a look the old dentist being a pediatric dentist who is an hour away from our house and does not except the kids secondary insurance. They are going to put her under and do the work every bit of work that needs done all at once.

this bring me to the post I wrote on Oct 29th, which was a bad day for Sweet pea. Here is that post.

Now getting caught up more..
she has been having symptoms every day since.. Not bad enough to keep her out of school, but often I wonder what is the point of sending her when it is a symptom day.. It is so hard for her to focus and I don't know how much of what is being taught is sinking in on those days.
My straight A student brought home an F on a paper last week... This is the girl who up until this point never had anything lower then a A on anything.
I have saw a drop in her graded papers on every single day I send her to school while she is having symptoms.
Her report card came home Friday(Nov 5, 2010)
It was the worst report card she has ever had.. Her normal all A+ was down to mostly A and then a B and a B-
I know this is still a good report card.. but It's NOT HER...
I can't even say to her you need to try harder because it's not that she isn't trying.. on a good non symptom day this wouldn't even be a problem when her brain is able to work at it's peak she could do all her work without effort.

She is in a gifted reading program because of what an above average reader she is and has been all along.. ONLY it was reading she got the B in(not the gifted reading but just her normal reading) The gifted program she hasn't been graded on.. But we have some issues to report with it..
She had those two good weeks symptom free at that time in her gifted reading they read 9 to 10 chapters in a book a week, do a question and answer paper on it and write about it.. Those two weeks of No symptoms she whipped those 9 chapters out in one night, could answer every question when she was done, and had no trouble at all writing about what she read in detail.
Since then with the PANDAS symptoms back.. She struggles to read 9 pages at a time and then after reading just those few pages she can't remember what she read or answer anything about it..
It's like she is just reading words and none of it is clicking with her at all..
The other night she was so upset by this that after trying to read the same page over and over just so that the words she was reading had any meaning.. she took the book and threw it across the room and started crying her eyes out.
She feels so lost and I feel lost because I don't know what to do to help her.

I need to some how let her teachers know about this.. but then what do I say.. Yes I see it happening and I can show them in her graded papers and such when it is happening.. But what can we do about it?? I mean like right now the last 17 days have all been symptom days.. So her school work is not up to par at all. but it's not like she can just not do it.. I don't think they will buy into me saying don't grade her until she is back to non symptom days when we don't even know when that will be..

Everyone, doctors and parents of PANDAS children are warning me that after her dental work things could get worse because any time they do stuff in the mouth it moves around the strep that hides in the mouth and it can seep into the blood stream. If she is struggling now not just with symptoms messing with her but with it affecting her school work.. what do I do if she gets worse???

I don't have answers just alot of questions..

Please keep Sweet Pea in your prayers
Her Dental surgery is set for This Wed the 10th at 10:20pm They are planning to have her under for about 2 hours with alot of dental work being done at that time...

I'm placing all of this in the Lords hands.. Thanks for your prayers.

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