Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet Pea's a Strep detector.

Sunday Little Man & Sweet Pea got sick with a tummy bug.. puking and the other end..
ONLY even while sick Sweet Pea was her sweet normal happy love able little self..
I kept them both home from school Monday just to be on the safe side that they
were well enough to go to school.

Tuesday I sent them both well all 4 of the kids to school.. Tuesday night..
Mr Man was complaining about not feeling well.. Said his belly hurt really bad.. I
figured stomach bug that the younger two had.. but nothing came of it.. as far
as stuff coming out of him..
Sweet Pea was having PANDAS symptoms.. really moody, yelling at everyone crying at
a drop of a hat.. and mostly very hateful anytime her and Mr Man were in a room
together.. In my mind I was thinking.. Dang it the girl went to school and was
exposed to strep.. Shoot..

Wed.. Little Man woke up complain his belly hurt.. but nothing was coming out of him
so I sent him to school(oh also no fever) Mr Man was still complaining an awful
lot about his tummy but no fever and nothing coming out so I sent him to
school.. BUT Princess was sick with the stomach beg stuff and hers was coming out
the bottom end of things.. So she stayed home from school.. while the other 3
Sweet Pea after about an hour of being home was very PANDAS crying, mood swing,

Today Little Man woke up not looking well at all.. didn't really have a fever per
say but was 99.9, complaining that his belly hurt really really bad, I let him
stay home.. though out the day he kept saying his throat was starting to get
sore, and he felt like he was going to throw up only he never did that and that
his head was killing him.. around 3pm he said his neck was really stiff and
sore.. something clicked in my head that those all could be signs of strep..
even though this whole week I was thinking virus because that is what Rhett and
Sweet Pea had earlier and Princess sort of had it too.
Little Man woke up today saying he didn't feel well but once again I sent him to
school.. he came home from school tugging at his ear and his ear bright red,
complaining that his belly hurt real bad and that his "brain" hurt so i figured
he had a headache..
Picked Princess up from school today... she didn't even know Mr Man was home sick
yet alone what his symptoms were... but as soon as she got in the car she
raddled off a list of things that was still bugging her when I asked how she
felt.. sore throat, stomach pains, neck sore and head killing her..

Sweet Pea came out of school today, skipping, all smiles, no signs of PANDAS
symptoms.. She went right from school to rollerskating, from rollerskating to
gymnastics and when I got her home from gymnastics it was time for me to take
Princess,Mr Man and Little man to the doctors so I picked them off and lefter her with
DH... She wasn't around the other 3 all days long and NO PANDAS symptoms to speak of...

Mr Man, Princess and Little Man all tested Pos for strep tonight.. :-(
Little Man on top of it has an ear infection and Princess on top of it still has the

Here I knew Sweet Pea had been exposed to strep due to the symptoms it just didn't
hit me she was being exposed to it at home and not at school..

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was thanks to her that I took the other 3 in.. just having
a slight sore throat, and tummy pains never would have had me running them to
the doctors.. I mean there is a bad stomach virus going around here, and they
were not running fevers... It was her having PANDAS symptoms that had me
thinking of different signs of strep and her symptoms was what made me take them
in.. I really thought the doctor might LOL at me bring kids who biggest
complaint really only complaint was that there tummy hurt into the doctors when
they weren't even running fevers...
but they didn't and they tested them for strep and they all test post.

I'm making myself an appt tomorrow cuz I have been having the tummy pains and a
slight sore throat and my head has been killing me also.. and chances are good
with 3 cases of it in the family that I could use an antibiotic also.

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