Monday, January 17, 2011

update on all the sickies.

It's been about 10 days.. Everyone is finishing up their antibiotic, and they all seem to be feeling better.. They go back to the doctor on Thursday the 20th.
I want to ask the doctor to retest them for strep.. Whoever it is they see I'm sure is going to look at me like I'm crazy.. Since never in my 15 years of being a mom have they ever retested one of my kids for strep after they had just treated for it.. But I'm worried.. what if the antibiotic didn't kill it all, and there is some strep in there still hanging on, just waiting to wreck havoc on them and have it mess up Sweet Pea as well.

Mr Man got a secondary strep infection and I had him back at the doctors last Monday because somehow the strep throat moved though his boy and started affecting his joints(in this case his right knee) The Doctor called it post secondary strep. At the time he said we would just finish the treatment of the strep and if it is still there at the end of the antibiotic Mr Man was on, we would need to do more treatment. At the moment the pain seems to be gone from it, so I don't' think we will need to treat more.. It's just that strep is a very tricky thing and I just need to be sure IT'S GONE.....

Sweet Pea even keeping her away from home and all the sickness for 48 hours still got very symptomatic.. Nothing Major.. Just alot of little OCD stuff, having to eat the same thing for breakfast in the same way every day.. Moody.. Obsessive thinking and thoughts, crying.... but no major crying fits, no major melt down.. but alot of snapping at those around her and tears.

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