Saturday, January 22, 2011

need to make note of this.

Back in May 2010 I wrote this post in it I mentioned this rash Sweet Pea seems to break out with when her cloths were hurting(symptoms flaring) here, even before I knew of PANDAS..
Well since then I have notice that on her bad symptom days that rash seems to always be there...
I have pointed it out to her doctor a few times who tells me it's nothing..
BUT I really REALLY think there is something to this rash, sort of reminds me of a lesser version of a scarlet fever rash.. I just don't know how to get her doctor to listen to me on this..
Last night Sweet Pea came to me and said "mommy that rash is back on my legs" and sure enough it was.. Right back in the same spot it always is when she is having her symptom.. he doctor called it eczema last time I showed it to him(I don't think it looks like any pictures I have ever seen of eczema it looks like a scarlet fever rash to me just alot lighter in color)
This picture here is a picture of a scarlet fever rash I took off google.
These next two picture are of the rash Sweet Pea gets. These pictures were taken in May, but the rash she had lastnight looks the same as these picture.. but I found it doesn't show up as well in pictures as it does looking at it with just your eyes but you can still sort of see it here. I don't' get it.... Why does she only have it when her symptoms are flared up???
It was on her thighs, her back and a little on her belly again last night.. the same places I have seen them EVERY TIME she is having lot symptoms over the last two year.. I wish there was someone I could give this information to who would know what to do with it. Not that the rash is hurting her, sometimes it itches but doesn't really hurt her... but what is the connection with this rash and her symptoms?????
I don't have a clue what this means.. but I wanted to make note of it anyways..


  1. I suspect my daughter of having PANDAS as well, although she is not yet diagnosed, but her strep titers were elevated and she has almost all the symptoms. She got a rash last time she had a "bad spell" as well. It looked like the one you described. She also gets a rash around her mouth and dark circles under her eyes. I wonder if there's other people with the same symptom.

  2. I'm not 100% sure if there are other kids out there with the rash around there mouth or the dark circles. I have read parents saying there kids symptoms act up when there allergies are bad, and dark circles could be a sign of allergies. As for the rash around the mouth I don't know which kind of rash you mean.
    Sweet Pea her last two bad spells and it might of been happening before and I just didn't pay attention to it has broke out with a cold sore in the same spot both times. I have heard a few parents also say their child has had cold sores that coincided with symptoms also.
    I think you need to find a doctor willing to treat for PANDAS if you think your daughter has PANDAS.. I don't know if you have found these websites yet.. But This is a great one for information and to help find a doctor

    and this site is a wonderful place to ask questions and get answers or just read what other people are asking and talking about.

    hope this helps and I pray your daughter recovers quickly.