Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010

This PANDAS stuff is all so new and confusing.. When she is moody and crying and sad.. is it normal childhood stuff or is it PANDAS... how do you deal with people when they think your making this sort of thing up and since your child seem fine and normal to them.. They don't think they are sick.. or they say.. OH it's just strep no big deal.. When to your child IT IS A BIG DEAL.. on that could have negative lasting affects on there life..
Am I going over board when my DH sort of is losing his voice and coughing and he thinks it's just a cold and I am screaming at him that HE HAS TO GET TO THE DOCTOR and be tested for strep or does he want his daughter brain under attack. or is it just a normal cold BUT there is Strep in the household already so isn't it better to be safe and ear on the side of being safe and take the time even though you don't have the time to go and see the doctor.

Ok 1st off Sweet Pea as far as PANDAS sort of symptoms today seems good.. she wasn't crying or moody or yelling at people today and no sensory issues stuff going on today either... THANK YOU LORD for answer prayers..
BUT!!!!!! and once again I don't know if I'm over reacting or not.. but she broke out in that bumpy rash.. that I have been noticing over the last few months.. What I have been seeing is that every time she was crying her eyes out in pain before I even heard of the word PANDAS that 9 out of 10 times she had that rash on her legs or bad.. What it sort of looks like is a Scarlet Fever rash. I tried to take some pictures of it but they didn't turn out all that well.
BUT she did break out with this same sort of rash ONLY LOT worse from head to toe a day after testing Pos for strep the last time which was April 30th.. I gave her benydrel and the rash got a bit better didn't go away totally but since it got better by the next afternoon when the doctor saw her they called it a reaction to Amoxicillin and changed her Antibiotic.. but then did tell me that it presented itself like a rash from the strep

here are the pictures I tried to take of it this evening after dinner.
if your look up close to her shirt and neck and over her shoulder you can see it a little better though it is down her back as well.. just it doesn't show up well in pictures.
here is a closer up few.. can you see how it looks bumpy well not her spin but the little redish sort of pimple bumps.
and it's not just on her back.. It's on her legs as well.. here is a shot of her leg..

So I wish I knew what to do now.. Do I call the doctor?? Dr T isn't in town till Monday.. she isn't showing signs of being sick.. but yet she had some PANDAS stuff go on yesterday and today the rash.. this not knowing what to do is going to make me nuts..

I did find today a PANDAS Forum where I can talk with other parents who children have PANDAS.. and they have been helpful.. Like This little bit of information I found there today
"Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory - if the theory is correct that PANDAS is caused (or in part caused) by inflammation of the basil ganglia, then an anti-inflammatory would reduce inflammation and improve symptoms. I'm just thinking out loud here, but I would think in order for it to have any significant affect, there would have to be some other combination (like zith or augmentin) to combat the CAUSE of the inflammation or relief of symptoms would be nil, mild and/or brief."
I think I'll be spending alot of time over there trying to learn as much as I can and asking alot of questions..
So to close this post for today.. SWEET PEA went to sleep in her OWN bed tonight.. not just in her own room on the floor or in her sisters bed.. or in the room with the boys.. or where she has slept most of the last 15 months in my bed.. But in her room IN HER BED... and this was All here idea... this is a PANDAS thing I know alot of kids don't like to sleep in there own room this this extrema fear of it is a PANDAS thing so her doing this is a big improvement.. so hopefully what ever little set back I saw yesterday and this rash thing isn't going to mess her up again..

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