Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20,2010

Today I guess was a good day for Sweet Pea.. no major episodes to report.
Today both my oldest dd Princess and myself were tested for strep.. both was neg thank goodness.. That only leaves DH to be tested..
I was going to call the doctor about Sweet Peas rash.. only when she woke up this morning it was gone and hasn't came back. Makes me wonder if she just got a tiny reaction of strep from being exposed to it and it came out in the form of that rash, but that her A/B she is on took care of it quickly..
However I did see some PANDAS signs today in her.. it was the snapping at people easily.. and she also had herself starting to get worked up over the tiniest things.. such as my pen dieing in the middle of me signing my name on her school papers.. This set her off because now it's done wrong, it doesn't look neat, It isn't perfect.. This sort of perfectionist, worrying about every tiny detail thing was back today.. BUT it didn't send her off into a crying fit like I thought it might like it has in the past when she has been sick or not feeling well. but it was like the start of it was going to happen but then didn't progress.. and it wasn't just the pen dieing.. alot of different things just not being done just so today seem to get her into this almost panicky state.

Then we had a bit of a set back at bedtime also.. Last night she wanted to sleep in her own room in her own bed.. tonight she was afraid to be in a room unless I was in it.
So I can see some of the symptoms but no major episodes.

Almost forgot to mention... this morning when I went to get her A/B before school.. we had a little mishap with a glass jar of applesauce breaking all over the floor, just as my brother showed up with his puppy needing me to puppy sit and just as DH was walking in the door from getting home from work... in he mist of all of that mess and confusion.. I forgot to give Sweet Pea her morning dose of Antibiotics.. and it didn't hit me until I went to give her the night time one.. I picked her up a refill of it this afternoon because this evening dose was to be the last one in the old bottle.. so it confused me when there was exactly enough left in the bottle for a dose tomorrow morning.. that is when it hit me what happened this morning..

So this latest symptoms she had today and this evening.. could have been from that, could have been from the exposer to strep this week or a combo of both.. I will HAVE to keep my head in this game better even when the world is crazy around me..

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