Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 15 & 16, 2010

May 15, 2010 Saturday was a great day.. my youngest was having his family birthday party this day.. and Sweet Pea laid out about 8 outfits(this from the girl who has wore the same shirt, in two different colors ever day a month or longer) and asked which one I thought she should wear.. One of those outfits were a long pair of khaki shorts with a long sleeve shirt.. another one was a pair of blue jean shorts.. All 3 of those items were things she would have started crying her eyes out about if I would have brought them up as an idea to wear even just last week.. it was a warm day and she ended up in a pair of shorter lighter plaid shorts but they were zipper and button shorts not her normal all cotton with big soft waist band.. So still an improvement.. Party went great she had fun and afterwards wanted to go home with my mom and dad to spend the night at grandma's house so she did..
Sunday May 16, 2010 another perfect day, really nothing new to report as far as how she is doing.. she is a bit nerves about tomorrow and going to see the counsellor.. she hasn't said this out loud but she is in my bed right now wanting me to come and sleep with her.. So I think that is the reason why..

The Big Thing today is that my 10 year old Mr Man.. is sick.. After church this morning he said he wasn't feeling well and sure enough had a 102 temperature and he is complaining that his throat is killing him... in and of itself this is no big deal around my place ..... BUT I'm so worried about what it might do to Sweet Pea.. if this is strep, then she has been exposed to it again.. and could create more antibodies and could be going down hill fast again...
Please Keep this issue in your prayers... I HAVE to keep her healthy..

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