Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

SHE WORE UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need I say more?!?!?!?!?!? LOL
I mean that pretty much sums it up.. I didn't even know she put them on this morning when she got dress.. but she got up got dressed(in shorts and a shirt, which were normal size on her and perfect for our mid 70 degree weather today).. I didn't ask about underpants because I have just sort of excepted that they hurt her and she isn't going to wear them.. but this afternoon after school she was in the living room doing cartwheels and she fell and her shorts came up and there they were UNDERPANTS!!!!!!!
I didn't say anything or drawl attention to them.. didn't want embarrass her... BUT OH MY GOODNESS.... what a big huge step this is... each day this week.. EACH DAY... she has been getting better and better..

She did start to cry this evening but only for a second.. She had softball practice this evening.. and her daddy(aka DH for Dear Husband in all my other blogs LOL) wanted her to wear her uniform shorts from her travel softball team and wanted her to put on sock and wear her spikes. The idea of the ball shorts and there harder tighter elastic waistband had her just about in panic mold.. she started crying right then and there..
I put a stop to it quickly by letting it be know there was no need to wear them.. This wasn't a practice for the travel team(where they want them in uniform) it was for rec ball.. So her soft cotton big thick no elastic waistband shorts and no socks with her tennis shoes instead of her spikes were good enough..
I did ask her what she planned to do when she needed to go to a travel practice or tournament.. she said.. "i'll have to deal with the pain then.. but I don't want to now" I once again offered to take her off the travel team this summer so she didn't have to wear the uniform and the tall tight socks and stuff.. but she really wants to keep playing even if the cloths are hurting her..

I'm hoping that the cloths are no longer hurting her since the antibodies don't seem to be affecting her brain at the moment.. but she still has the fear of her cloths to work though.. since they were hurting her and she totally remembers that pain... I guess on Monday when we see the councillor.. we will be learning more on that side of things..


  1. Hey underwear at any age is awesome! sometimes JM refuses on matters of principle and he doesn't have her good reason.

  2. Fear is a horrible horrible thing to live with. I suffer from anxiety and am always living in fear of my next panic attack. SweatPea is such a trooper for knowing her limits and congrats on the underwear!!