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Monday May 10,2010

May 10,2010
another cool day today.. Sweet Pea had a field trip at school today and had to be at the school at 7:45AM which is normally the time I wake her up so I had to wake her up early.. She wore the same sundress she wore to church on Sunday.. which I was fine with it looks nice on her and I wanted her to look nice.. only problem was it was 30 some degrees when she left for school I basically convince her to wear a baggy pull over hoodie(too big for her but would keep her warm) by telling her if she wanted to take the camera phone for pictures of the field trip she needed the hoodie for it's pockets to hold the camera because her dress didn't have any.. She 1st put it on and with in 3 minutes had it off saying it was too tight and hurting her.. but 2 minutes before her ride to school got here I told her she had to get it on and be ready.. she put it on and was just starting to complain that it was too tight when I saw the car in the driveway and I yelled "he's here" and she didn't say another word just ran out and jumped into the car all excited to go..
It did warm up to 60 so when school was over there was no sweatshirt when I picked her up.. and once at home she put on the shorts and tank again.. and was perfectly fine.. no fussing, no crying, no moodiness the rest of the night...
I gave her her meds at 7:30pm and around 8pm she came out of her room in this.
She said "mommy this shirt doesn't hurt any more.. isn't it cute.. can I wear it to school tomorrow please.." Oh goodness I'm sitting here crying again.. this time tears of joy.. this was the 1st night in such a long time I saw my little girl acting like her normal self.. picking her cute and totally her own fashion statement(she was a diva before all this.. she wanted the cutest things and she had a style all her own and she always wanted to dress up so cute) She was working on her hair.. picking out which ponytail holders would match best with the top and then said maybe we should curl my hair in the morning and then pull it into pigtails.. it has been a good while since she wanted her hair curled and she cared about matching ribbons to go with her cloths.. shoot it got to the point most days she would have been perfectly happy without cloths at all.. let alone matching her hair to her outfits... I am over the top tonight with seeing the child I had before all this started.. but I know this doesn't mean we are even close to being out of the woods.. and I fear that tomorrow morning she isn't going to want to wear the outfit she has picked out and that she will be back to saying they hurt.. Oh I pray that isn't the case but I'm afraid to get my hopes up. before she went to bed tonight she changed back into the shorts and tank top and didn't want to go to sleep unless I was in the room with her.. but over all this has been the best day in a long long time. No crying at all today from her..

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