Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday May 8, 2010

May 8, 2010
She spent the night at her friends last night took her A/B and the friends mother said she was perfect and happy all evening and all morning today.. I picked her up at 12:30pm and needed to get her home and dressed for her other BFF's birthday party.. It is freezing today high of 45 outside.. I just wanted to to dress in something warmer.. she was having no part of that.. she wanted to stay in what she had on.. what she had on was fine for playing in and they were dirty.. So I told her no she couldn't so she said fine she would wear her black shorts and her pink silk tank top.. I asked her to wear a skirt or a dress 1) she would look nicer for the party and 2) she wouldn't look so extremely out of place in 45 degree weather in a skirt as she would shorts.. sure it really wouldn't keep her any warmer and the tank top would still make it look odd.. but at least it is a dressy silky top so it would look like she dressed up for the party and nothing more then that.. She only wanted shorts because none of the other girls would be in dresses or skirts..
Pants forget it the only thing I can get her to wear these days are shorts and skirts and sundresses.. she did a little crying not a fit or anything like that just crying because I wouldn't let her wear the big size 12/14 shorts(mind you her true size is a 7/8) because they looked awful and was dirty.. So she changed into her favorite black cotton shorts (which are an 8) and her pink silky tank top.. I asked her if I could curl her hair so she would look really cute when she got there she said no she wanted to do her own hair so I asked if I could pull the front of it back she snapped at me ... NO I want it like it is... I asked don't you want to get dressed up and look really pretty?, Taylor and Lexie I'm sure are going to be doing there hair to look pretty for the party.. she said no and went and watched tv.. When I walked to wear she was feeling like it wasn't worth a fight as long as she is happy I'll deal with it.. She was sitting out there crying her eyes out.. not a fight just crying big fat tears to herself... when I asked her what was wrong.. she said "you think I'm ugly" ~sigh~ I explained to her that is not what I was saying at all.. she was pretty no matter what I tried to explain that I just thought for a party she might want to get more dolled up.. She wasn't in an episode of any state just sad.. and not wanting to wear normal cloths for the way the weather was.. She stopped crying but stayed sad and pouting till I got her to the party..(oh minus coat, sweeter or anything to keep her warm because those things Hurt, so just shorts and a tank top in 45 degree weather thankfully party was moved from a park to there house due to the weather) Once at the party she was smiling and happy and took off running with her friends.. though I did get alot of weird looks from the adults who were there(not the friends mom because she knows what is going on, but the little girls aunts were looking at her and then at me like I had lost my mind for letting her dress like that when it was so cold out) by far not the worse afternoon in the world.. but still stressful enough..
This evening there was no trouble at all.. it was a peaceful evening.. well as peaceful as it can be with 5 teenagers hanging out at our place.. Sweet Pea did cry a tiny bit when I wouldn't let her run around in the yard with the teenagers after it was dark and cold outside, but I count that as normal younger child wanting to do what the older one is doing and nothing more..

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