Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010.. It was another cold day out.. but she would only wear a sundress.. Have I mentioned we have given up on underwear.. she just wears shorts under the dress with nothing under the shorts.. but there was no fighting because I didn't push the issue.. To go to church she just wrapped a blanket around her and off we went.. That afternoon we went to my grandma's for a mothers day dinner.. My grandma was fighting with her to put on slippers to keep her feet warm and I had to tell grandma to just let it be, I knew it wasn't going to happen and grandma harping on the matter just made her sad and she ran up stairs and pouted trying not to cry... At this point She was back in shorts and just a tank top in 50 degree weather.. and we were eating in the basement which floor was cold even with the space heaters on.. but to the touch she was hot.. after lunch I took her temp and she was 98.3 perfectly normally but the heat coming off her body was like a heating pad.. I myself was cold so after lunch I went up stair out of the basement and told Annie to come lay by me and keep me warm.. we laid down on my grandma's bed and I just hugged and cuddled her she was so warm it really was like hugging a heating pad.. While I dozed off a bit she passed right out and slept for a few hours..
When she woke up the neighbor girl was wanting to play with her outside but Annie wouldn't put on the pants or sweeter so I told her she couldn't go out so the girl came inside to play.. and the rest of the evening was perfectly fine.. no issues with clothing or crying or anything.

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