Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 21,22 & 23, 2010

Sorry I never got back over here to tell ya all how the rest of Friday went.. I was a bit busy with my oldest.. who had her 8th grade spring dance Friday night and her J.O. state volleyball tournament on Saturday and Sweet Pea had a fastpitch travel softball tournament Saturday..This weekend has been crazy.... but fun.

So Back to Friday the Ibuprofen has done wonders.. She came home from school happy and excited and full of life.. Maybe a bit hyper.. I don't really know.. it has been forever since she 1st got sick with the Mono which zapped the life out of her, that I don't remember how active she was before that.. but the girl came home from school so full of energy.. she was doing cartwheels, flips and cartwheels into back bends.. not just a few times but pretty much non stop for an hour.. she went and played at my grandma's to play with grandma's neighbor girl and grandma said she was non stop running and playing and never sat the whole time there just go go go.. but she wasn't sad.. she wasn't moody, she wasn't crying, she wasn't mouthy or ready to bite any ones head off... she was happy, playful and full of life.. So Maybe that is just her, but I wonder... wonder if it is a bit too hyper.. I don't know. It's a little more life then I'm use to seeing..

Sadly I really haven't been with her much the rest of the weekend.. I was with my oldest at a volleyball tournament Saturday while DH had Sweet Pea at her softball tournament..
I was almost afraid to send her in fear of her being moody biting peoples heads off or just getting sad and crying for no reason that she or anyone around her would know of.. and I was afraid of how DH would deal with it if it did happen.. He has never been around her for those times he has seen her flipping out about things hurting her but I have always been around and I have always been the one dealing with it.. So it was scary for me to step aside and let him be the parent to care for her.. so I grilled him over and over about what time she get she antibiotic in the morning and in the evening.. and must have told him how important it is that she doesn't miss it only about 900 times.. and since the Ibuprofen had worked so well on Friday.. I gave him a bottle and dropper and told him every 6 to 8 hours make sure she got that also.. I explained to him why and how she acted on it and without it.. I told him his job for the day was to just make sure she was happy.. told him how sometimes she gets sad for no reason or things bug her for no reason.. and I told him if he see that to try to take her aside by herself till she starts to feel better and if she doesn't then see if she would like to go home but not to just take her home.. make sure it was her choice because making her leave when she didn't want to could just make things that much worse.. I mean I was just worried.. and for no reason at all...
She was over the moon happy ALL day long Saturday.. according to DH she was happier and excited more then he had ever seen her. She has Always loved playing softball.. though at her last tournament she was having a symptom day and she didn't smile much and cried alot.. didn't want to leave wanted to play but she looked sad the whole time.. from all the pictures he took this time my baby girl was having the time of her life Saturday..

Today Sunday she has had a symptom free day perfectly normal happy little girl and I did not give her any Ibuprofen at all today.
So over all after Friday morning and me starting the ibuprofen along with the Antibiotic for both Friday and Saturday she seems to be doing wonderful..

I almost forgot.. That on Sunday evening around 6pm she came to me telling me her back was itching... I looked at it and she had that red prickly rash all over her back again, I tried to get a picture of it because it was much redder then it was earlier in the week.. But It didn't show up.. and unlike the last time it was only on her back not her legs..
She sees the doctor tomorrow afternoon so I'll be bring this up to him..

Tomorrow Sweet Pea will not be going to school we have an appointment with the counselor at 11am so we are leaving at 9am to get there and then at 2pm she has the appointment with the doctor.. I will keep ya posted.

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