Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday May 12,2010

May 12, 2010
Sweet Pea had a great morning.. she is still not wearing underpants or socks and she is still only wearing shorts or dresses no pants.. but she wore a t-shirt today in a size 8 that wasn't too big or baggie on her.. there was no fights, crying or any issues at all this morning getting her off to school.. She even put on a hoodie sweatshirt without being asked or told and didn't complain about it once which was good seeing how it was only in the 40's this morning.
The rest of the day was perfect again..
She did get a little bit panicky when it was cold and grey and she was to have softball practice and I mentioned that I thought it would be best if she tried to find some sweet pants to wear instead of short.. but right about the time I mentioned that it started to rain and softball was cancelled..Thank you Jesus.. I really didn't want to fight with her about that issue and make her cry by forcing her to wear pants.. but I didn't want her to get sick being out in the freezing cold damp weather in shorts.
Another improvement I saw today which I haven't seen in months.. is after her bath tonight.. She got right out of the tub and put cloths on... Normally it is get out of the tub.. cry(not a melt down and normally she doesn't even say anything to me I just hear her crying)about how her cloths hurt her and stuff.. She has taken to sitting in a towel for about an hour after her baths just so she is 110% dry before putting her cloths on.. Not today.. she got right out dried of and put her cloths right on..
So it has been a good day.

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