Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Insurance issues.

On other fronts with this PANDAS stuff.. we were at the last dose or two of Duricef so I went and took the prescription over to the drug store to be filled.
(little background here on insurance we have our main insurance from DH's work, but when he got and had no insurance we all were placed on medicaid Care Source.. When DH got called back to work his insurance was back but they didn't take away the Care Source for the children.. Just told us to use it as a secondary insurance)
Ok back to today.. The Drug Store just called me and told me the Care Source will not cover Sweet Pea's Duricef because it isn't one of there preferred listed drugs. I'm going to have to refill this prescription every 8 days for maybe the next 5 years.. The copay with the other insurance isn't all that much for 8 days only $6... but when your talking about that every week for the next 5 years it will all add up.. Don't get me wrong something like $.77/per day for her to be well is soooooo worth it.. But we are still going to have the doctor be in contact with the insurance company let them know what is going on and see if we can over turn there decision on this matter.. So this will be added to our prayer list..

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  1. Insurance is just delightful! not! We're praying for you all. :)