Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17,2010

Today was Sweet Pea's 1st visit at the Child guidance and counseling place.. I'll get into that here in a second.
1st Sweet Pea had another perfect day nothing bad or good to report.. Just a perfect normal no problem day at all... she was a bit worried about meeting with the counselor just because it was something and someone new and she is still my shy one.. but she never spoke those words out loud I could just tell by how quite she was today.. she normally to me anyways is a chatter box.. and she hardly spoke much at all on our 1 1/2 hour trip from our house to the counselor. Though once then she seemed to warm up.. The lady she will be working with is great... She put both me and Sweet Peas at ease.. and in the course of questioning in and getting background and such on Sweet Pea.. she was asking her about school, sports other activities.. Sweet Pea told her about Awana's and D(that is what I'm going to call the counselor here at the blog) said "I know what Awana's is" I said "oh most people don't" Then she asked Sweet Pea.. "Well since you go to church and Awana's I know they talk about God there, Can you tell me what God means to you?" Sweet Pea looked at her and said "Well you see it's like this... Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we wouldn't have to.. and if you ask Jesus into your heart to save you He will and you can go to heave" D asked her "have you ever done that" Sweet Pea said "yes" D asked her "when" and Sweet Pea answered "when I was 5 years old" D then said to her " Can I tell you something, I did that also when I was 8 years old"
In more of our conversation I found out D's husband is a Pastor.. but we never got into at which church.. because after all we only had so much time with her and we were getting her as much info as we could on Sweet Pea..
But this in itself was an answer pray of mine.. one of my fears of counseling was that we might get someone who didn't believe in God and would would try to tell my child there was no God. If that was the case we wouldn't have been there long but we have never did counseling and I didn't know what to expect.. But since I wasn't going to a "Christian Counseling Center" I just started Praying God would place us with someone who was a Christian and understood what we hold to be truths. God answered my prayers on this..

As for the route we are going.. I explained the PANDAS to her and she has heard of it and has done a few studies on the affect that strep has had on OCD.. but she has never seen it present itself like it has with Sweet Pea with the pain of things touching her skin. at this center.. they have the child's psychiatrist and neurologist right there working with them.. D is going to work with Dr T(Sweet Pea's pediatrician) and also the other doctors.. She has to have a few counseling sessions with Sweet Pea before getting her in with the child psychiatrist and neurologist, but she is going to be talking with them both right away about this and sharing and learning with them on how to help Sweet Pea. Though this the 4 of them will get Sweet Pea the help she needs.. At this place.. they don't just sign over the care to the psychiatrist or neurologist they continue with the counselor also though out treatment.. So What D wants to work with Sweet Pea with.. is to eliminate her fear over this.. She said even though this was a medical reason and condition that brought this on.. It was still a trauma in her life how she has been in pain for so long.. and her goal is to help eliminate that fear she now has from this.. and give her claiming strategies to help her when she is starting to fear thing might hurt her again.
Like Dr T. she said this is the 1st case of PANDAS she has worked with so she will study and learn what she can on it and will be contacting Dr T. also.. Dr T is on vacation this week.. But
Sweet Pea meets again with D next Monday morning and has a follow up appt with this with Dr T Monday afternoon... So I can talk with Dr T. myself getting him the name and numbers and everything he will need so they can work as a team.

Mr Man my 10 year old who was running the fever last night.. tested Positive for Strep Throat this morning. He is really sick at the moment.. and I hate seeing any of my children that sick.. BUT we not only need to pray for his recovery.. but need to be in prayer that this round of strep leaves my household quickly and that it doesn't get to Sweet Pea where she builds up anymore antibodies to attack her brain more and send her back into episodes of the PANDAS..
The doctor I saw with Mr Man today was the same doctor who saw us when Sweet Pea had the episode with the splint on her finger.. and knowing about Sweet Pea she decided to treat my Oldest Princess and my youngest Little Man also with a round of antibiotics to kill whatever strep they may have or to help keep them from getting it.. So that is where we are with that.. I'll keep you all posted.. and Thank you for the prayers..

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