Friday, May 21, 2010

Seems like an endless stream of tears..

My tears not Sweet Pea's.. though she has had a few of her own this morning.
Sweet Pea had a hard morning. She woke up all sort of jumpy like she had to just rush rush rush.. I didn't really understand that need because we woke up at normal time.. she hurried down her breakfast.. took her A/B got dressed quickly(which is a good thing, meaning there was nothing hurting her clothing wise this morning).. she brushed her hair and teeth.. grabbed her bag and was ready to go.. All while the rest of us was still in slow motion in our PJ's and eating breakfast.. She just couldn't sit still she would sit get up walk, sit get up walk, sit get up walk.. all the while getting more I don't know what word to use.. worked up, up set, Panicky that we were going to be late to school.. kept barking orders Hurry up.. Get moving, do you need to do that now, Leave that just get your shoes on..
I tried to tell her we are all Ok we have plenty of time.. but she didn't seem to grasp that concept.
It was 15 minutes before we had to leave when she started yelling rudely at us.. You always make me late, I can't handle this.. we have to go right now...
At that point Mr Man said to her "Chill Sweet Pea" she just sort of shut down.. her face dropped she looked so sad, it wasn't a loud cry but tears started falling from her eyes..
It was then I figured I would try the Ibuprofen thing and see if that helps her.. I just put my arm around her walked her to the kitchen gave her the Motrin. she still had tears dripping down her face though she was looking down because she didn't' want me to see them. I said honey are you sad, she shook her head yes, I said what are you sad about she wouldn't talk, she had her head down hair all over her face she just wrapped her arms around me and started crying more..
we moved to the couch and I just held her in my arms until it was time to go.. we were walking to the van to go to school and she had one lone tear drip out of her eye and down her cheek.
I kept it together with her around.. and while dropping her off at school.. but as soon as she was out of view.. I started crying and I can't seem to stop. My heart is just hurting so bad right now.
My poor baby girl is scared, worried, sad and at times in pain.. and she doesn't know why, which scares her more and makes her more worried, and makes her even sadder. I hate this.. I hate every tiny part of this..


  1. I soo hope her day got better after taking the Motrin. And I'm sure it helps knowing she has an understanding mommy on her side. Take care.