Monday, May 31, 2010

May 28, 29,30 &31, 2010

WOW I'm cramping alot of days into one post :-)
Long holiday weekend and all.
May 28,2010
They cleaned her classroom so Sweet Pea went to school on Friday. I picked her up after school and she was in a sort of panicky mood.. We were dropping the boys off at grandma's house right after school because Sweet Pea had a softball game Friday night (the start of a weekend tournament) and we had to be an hour and a half away by 5:30pm so we were a little rushed.. ONLY Sweet Pea had forgot something not at all important at school and was all panicky about it.. In her normal state of mind I would have been able to make her see she could just get it on Tuesday but I could tell she wasn't in that normal state of mind.. So to keep it from getting into a full blow attack of sorts I thought I would just put her mind at ease and we went back to the school.. I don't know if this is the right thing to do or not.. but I didn't want her getting herself so worked up and worrying for the whole 4 day weekend about this.. I wanted to stop that panic attack OCD sort of stuff as soon as I could and get her mind on other things and off of what she left at school so that is what I did.
We had a little more crying before her softball game, about the fact that I washed her ball socks after she wore them last week...Last week she had no issues at all with the ball socks being tight, Friday night she was crying and tugging on them and saying they were too tight same thing with her spikes(which are a size 2 and she is only in a size 13 or 13 1/2) we bought the spikes before we knew about PANDAS just knew that everything hurt her and felt to tight so we bought them big where she was happy about them.
Anyways Friday at the ball field she started to crying putting them on.. I looked at her and said, if you want to play you have to put them on, if they are hurting you that bad you don't have to play ball today.. she put them on
And I knew that her brain must have antibodies attacking it because we haven't had ANY clothing sensory sort of issues since she started the antibiotics.. So I gave her Motrin and she went to play ball...
1/2 way though the game.. She was back to normal.. happy, smiling, laughing..
AND wanted to spend the night at the coaches house with the coaches daughter that night..
I was scared to let her go.. not that I didn't trust the coach.. but I haven't got to share with them what has been going on with Sweet Pea.. and then what if she starts having some major PANDAS stuff going on while she was there..
But it was late(after 9PM) and the reason the coach invited BOTH of my girls to stay with them is that both of them Princess and Sweet Pea(the wife is Princess coach and they have a dd Princess age, and the husband is Sweet Pea's coach and a dd sweet Peas age) both had to be at the softball field at 7AM and with the drive from our house to the field being so long they wants our girls to be able to sleep in and get some rest (they live 15 mins from the fields) I had Sweet Peas antibiotics with me because I knew she was going to need it at 8pm so I gave it to her during the game..
Even though I was worried I let her stay because Princess was going to be there also.. So I gave Princess the Motrin to give Sweet Pea a dose at 11pm and all went well..Sweet Pea had no issues Friday night and had a blast spending the night with the coaches dd..
Here are a couple pictures from Friday's night game.
Up at Bat.
Steeling 2nd.
Saturday May 29,2010
NO PANDAS issues at all.. She had a very long day.. at the ball fields from 7am till 9PM Sweet Pea played in 3 softball games and Princess played in 4 .. She was tired and took a shower and fell right to sleep Saturday night but there was no crying, no moodiness, no sadness, no clothing sensory issues.. Nothing... she was perfectly fine.
Here's a few pictures from Saturday at the tournament.
Sunday May 30, 2010
Another PANDAS free day.. another very busy day.. Sweet Pea got sun burnt, a very hot from being outside all day long, and she got a bug bit on Saturday that was bugging her so I gave he Benadryl and that made her even more tired on top of the long weekend of ball she had.. So at 4pm driving home from the ball games she fell asleep and slept till 10pm she woke up at 10pm and fell back to sleep at 11pm and slept till 6:30AM on Monday morning..
but nothing PANDAS related to report for Sunday. Nothing at all.
As for the softball tournament on Sunday Sweet Pea hit her first hit since starting travel fast pitch softball this year(she normally gets a walk since she is short and it's hard pitching to a short batter she is 8 playing on a 10U team) but she hit a line drive into center field past the pitcher and short stop.. I was so excited for her.., but they lost there game on Sunday so was out of the tournament..
but her sisters team kept on winning so it was another long day at the fields.. Princess team finished in the top 4 taking 3rd place.. for the 14U's. Monday May 31,2010
I don't know what sort of day it was.. I know that sounds a little odd.. but she was moody today.. but not the kind of moody where she was biting peoples heads off for no reason.. she just was moody when she didn't get her way, or we didn't do something right when she wanted us too.. I gave her Motrin it didn't get any better.. She was perfectly fine when she got exactly what she wanted but was whinny when she didn't .. So I found myself correcting her alot today.. I don't think it was PANDAS related.. I think it was long weekend and being tired. This went on all day today. She had woke up early at 6:30AM and stayed awake she was also taking Benadryl for some bug bits that she had a bad reaction too so that was not helping her sleepiness moodiness..
around 6pm this evening she seemed a little on the hyped up side, just laughing and laughing and for no reason what so ever.. she had been running around with friends.. and just seemed a little too hyper I guess.. Maybe it was nothing.. Maybe it was a normal reaction to being tired.. I know when I get over tired I tend to act a little hyper and talk alot and find things that are not funny to be funny.. But then everything she does these days I find myself questioning if it is normal or PANDAS.. but my gut tells me her actions today were being loopy on the Benadryl and being tired from her long weekend. She fell asleep early(for her) this evening at about 8:30pm and went down with no fears or any issues.. and we had no clothing issues at all today either.. So I think I'm going to mark this day a PANDAS free day..

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