Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday May 6,2010

May 6, 2010... All morning long was a great day.. Got dressed no fighting was happy to go to school...Was excited and looking forward to Gymnastics except for putting on the leotard So I just told her she didn't have to she could just wear shorts..
ONLY... after school her little pinkie on her left had was swollen up like a balloon and all black and blue and purple and hurting her.. While at recess today she was doing back bends and slipped and feel on it.. the school iced it but didn't call me.. It looked really bad so after school I took her in for an Xray.. the ER was busy and it took a good long time in there.. Thankfully it wasn't broken.. but they needed her to wear a splint.. The whole two hours in the ER she was great no crying no nothing just my normal happy child. Maybe a little too happy. she was smiling and laughing she told me it was to be brave because of the pain.. But she was in control..
All of that came to an end when the nurse came with the little blue Popsicle sort of splint... the splint wasn't the issue but when they taped it tightly around her finger she got a panicked look on her face and I could almost watch the change go on in her eyes.. she 1st just started tugging at the tape.. but then she was in total panic mold like the look on her face was like someone was out to get her to do her harm and she was crying that she had to get it off now.. right now..
I should have listen to her and took it off right then.. but I was worried about what they ER people would think seeing how they just put it on and told us she needed to wear it for the next week and follow up with her doctor.. but Sweet Pea almost seemed lost I couldn't reason with her to just wait till we were out of the hospital then I would take it off.. she was crying and crying and crying.. The nurse came back and I did a little explaining of what was going on.. and she just said.. "Oh well Don't take it off" directed towards Sweet Pea then said to me "She has to keep it on"
I Didn't really know what was worse taking it off and chancing her injuring the finger worse or letting her get fully worked up.. Her Doctors office is right across the street from where we were.. So I called But Dr T. was not in.. they were going to have me just talk to another doctor.. I said .. I would just stop by. Once there in the room the nurse let her take it off and we worked on getting her calmed down.. took about 15 minutes(which isn't a long time given that the last time she acted like that took over 3 hours) We managed this by 1) taking the tape off her and removing the splint and 2) distracting her.. I started asking her questions about the boarder in the office.. stuff like how many tennis balls were on the boarder so even while she was crying uncontrollably she was counting in her head and told me 30.. I said lets stand up walk around the room counting them.. She started getting better by the time we counted all 30 of them.. Yes she was right there was 30.. she was out of the episode.. talking normal saying that the tape hurt her finger and she doesn't want to have to put the splint back on..
The Doctor before coming in called over to the hospital to talk to the ER doc we saw to see how bad the finger injury was and then she came in.. and even though Sweet Pea couldn't bend her finger the way she wanted her to.. Dr M.. made up her mind that it was better not to put the splint back on her..
Since then We have had no issues at all.. And Sweet Pea has took her sports prewrap and put the splint back on wrapping it herself with the prewrap.. which doesn't seem to bug her like the tape did..
~sigh~ my nerves are pretty much shot on this and I just want to sit down and cry.

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  1. I am so happy you started this journel with updates about Sweatpea. My heart is just breaking for her. I think you all are handling this incredably well and are being very supportive of her. God bless and I am praying for her!!