Friday, May 28, 2010

May 27,2010

Today we had a 1st... It was the 1st time I became one of "THOSE" mothers.. the kind who others look at as over reacting to small things.. Only with Sweet Pea strep isn't a small thing.. Each exposer to strep could leave her brain damaged.

This morning she was having an Ok sort of day, no issues with sensory or clothing and no crying fits or melt downs, but she did seem a tad on the moody said so I gave her Motrin and sent her off to school.. Around 12 or a bit after one of Sweet Pea's friends mom IM'ed me to let me know that she just had to go to the school to pick her dd up(who is in Sweet Pea's class) She had thrown up and her throat hurt.. While there the mother over heard another of Sweet Pea's friend saying "my throat hurt and I don't feel good at all" The teacher told her ok go sit back down and finish your work.. I know there is strep going around the school like crazy.. So I thought about it and thought it would be best if I got Sweet Pea out of there and ask that her class room gets scrubbed down before school on Friday.
They sort of looked at me like I had two head when I told them the reason I'm taking Sweet Pea out of school the rest of the day.. You know I'm taking *her* out because *other* people are sick.. but I really threw them for a loop when I asked them to scrub down her class room and if they couldn't get that done then she wouldn't be back tomorrow either..
Yes.. I'm Now one of "THOSE" moms.. but I guess with a child with an autoimmune disorder and antibodies that attack her brain I HAVE to be..
Anyways I brought her home and she had a great afternoon.. no issues until close 7pm when she started getting moody as in biting peoples heads off again, so I gave her more Motrin and that seemed to help..
She went to bed without me needing to be in the room with her... ONLY around 1AM she woke up saying the blankets were hurting her legs like things were crawling all over her and driving her nuts.. BUT 1) she didn't have the blanket one(I know this because she was sleeping in my bed) and 2) there was nothing at all crawling on her....
THANKFULLY!!!!!! Sweet Pea was smart enough and not gone far enough(PANDAS wise) to still think clearly.. she looked at herself.. and said well there is nothing on me but it still feels that way.. Then she stopped looked at me and said " MOM you forgot to give me my medicine tonight before bed" and sure enough I had forgot.. we got up gave her the antibiotic and though she continued to itch things that were not there on her legs.. She went back to sleep and woke up Happy on Friday.

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  1. You HAVE to be that mom now. You are only looking out for your childs best interests. I'm sure you will face many more struggles ahead when dealing with people who dont understand. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!