Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday May 11, 2010

May 11,2010

SHE WORE IT TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok you all are not understanding how excited I am about this.. But Sweet Pea has wore nothing on her arms in over a month and a half and then it was Aubrie size shirts, she has basically been flipping between two silk tank tops and two sundresses and that is it.. This is in her size and the arms are 3/4 long and they are not baggie.. AND SHE IS WEARING IT!!!!..
she did say .. "I don't know what if It starts to feel tight when I'm at school" So I told her to tell her teacher and have her call me if that happened... but I'm hoping it doesn't happen..
Update on the rest of the day.. She kept that shirt on the whole day never complained about it once.. even wore it to sleep in.. This was THE BEST DAY.. she didn't cry about anything cloths or any other thing.. Until bedtime.. she wanted to sleep with me.. but I wasn't ready to go to bed at 9pm so I told her she could sleep in my room and I would be in when I was ready.. She cried just a little bit saying she was scared.. but around 9:30pm did fall asleep and it wasn't a fit or a melt down sort of cry just a sort of sad cry. but still the best day we have had in a good long time.

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