Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Has it been 5 days already????

WOW it doesn't seem like it has been that long since I posted..
in any case they haven't been that great of days.. They could have been worse.. but they could have been alot better also..

Saturday July 17th..
Sweet Pea wasn't with me so I really couldn't tell ya how she did.. She had spent the night at her friends house Friday night and then spent the whole day with her friends swimming and such and didn't get home till 7pm.. I called and checked on her a few times the mother of the girl she was with told me she was doing fine no issues or anything(when i asked how he mood was) But when Sweet Pea got home... I could see she was having mood issues.. well mood swing sort of thing that or an anxiety issues because when it got dark she was crying and afraid to stay alone.. crying might not be the word I'm looking for.. she was freaking out crying uncontrollably when I told her it was bed time and to sleep in her room.. I got her out of bed gave her Motrin and let her stay up for 30 mins.. At the end of the 30 mins she was her normal happy peaceful self I told her it was time to go to bed in her own room and off she went with out a single tear or complaint and she was sound asleep with in 15 minutes.

Sunday July 18, 2010
WOW what a morning.. it reminded me of every morning for over a year back before she was being treated for the PANDAS.... She was crying, biting peoples heads off... fighting about her cloths not feeling right(which is a sensory issue) since I now know when she says her cloths are hurting her, that they really are hurting her I have to let her wear what isn't hurting her.. but with the sensory issues, her mood and alot of crying.. we almost didn't make it to church that morning.. I did get her Motrin but the one single dose didn't help so I gave her a another dose which puts it up to prescription dosage..that kicked in enough to get her to stop crying and to be happy in her baggy sundress.. and helped a bit with her biting peoples heads off.. and we were able to get to church.. my grandma was her teacher for Jr Church and she told me that she was still really moody and short with people in Jr. church though..
She continued to do this all day long.. Motrin kept her functioning but she was never perfect on Sunday..

Monday July 19, 2010
She had a good day.. Not a perfect day.. but 99.9% better then Sunday.
She wasn't biting peoples heads off and she wasn't crying at a drop of a hat and she didn't have any fear of anything.. but she was having the sensory issues to a point.. cloths were bugging her so she wore baggier cloths..nothing like 10 times to big on her the cloths fit her that she wore but it was the soft cotton elastic waist stuff and bigger t shirts.. then her normal cloths that she just got comfy and happy with again..

Tuesday July 20,2010
The sensory issues with the cloths were mild that day.. she wore normal cloths.. except wouldn't wear her underpants said they were hurting her she was happy with her bathing suit bottom though(which last week she was complaining was too big and falling off) She had an appt with D her counsellor which went really well... but Sweet Pea was sad alot of the day and didn't know what or why she was sad about.. After we got home in the afternoon.. I got some Motrin in her and she was back to her happy little self.. She had a sleep over at another friends house and did great all night long..

Today July 21, 2010
today wasn't bad bad.. but we still were having underwear issues..
The bad stuff today which I now have to watch with Sweet pea is this..
Last night in the middle of the night Little Man(our 5 year old) got sick... and has been having nastiness coming out his back side all day...
Then if that wasn't enough around 8:30pm this evening Princess(our 14 year old) said she didn't feel well said her head was killing her and her throat was hurting her(which always grabs our attention with Sweet Peas issues with strep) I took Princess temp and it was 102.6.. doctors offices are closed... So Princess wont be seeing a doctor till morning time.. and if it is strep I'm sure Sweet Pea has already been exposed but Sweet Pea is now spending the night at my moms house and will be staying there until we find out what is going on with Little Man and Princess..

In other news Mr Man(our 10 year old) and Sweet Pea are to be leaving for over night Church summer camp on Monday... Please Please pray they are all well by then.. and that Sweet Pea has a PANDAS free week while at camp(I won't be there to watch her and there is no way to explain her issues where the college student who will be her councillor will under stand about the mood, crying, fears or clothing stuff) So I'm taking a leap of faith and putting my little girls in Gods hands to do His perfect will for her while she is off at camp(which I guess I do every day but normally I'm there to see how His plan plays out) So Please keep her and all the campers going to camp in your prayers.

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