Saturday, July 3, 2010

We had a PANDAS day :-(

Today might have been the worst day Sweet Pea has had in over a month.
she couldn't sleep last night.. she was tired when she went to bed.. not having any symptoms at all.. but she just couldn't sleep.. not matter how much she wanted to.. so she ended up in bed with me... When she woke up this morning she was extremely moody.. crying and biting peoples heads off.. which could have been from not sleeping I guess.. but the not sleeping is also another sign of PANDAS.. So along with her breakfast she got her morning dose of antibiotics and a dose of Motrin.. an hour went by and she was not any better.. for that matter she was worse... She was not only crying, clingy and moody but she was having some of the sensory issues back.. She tried on about 10 different outfits, outfits that she has been wearing all summer with no trouble at all.. and she was saying something was bugging her and or they were "to tight" to each one.. she did find something to wear but it was a battle to get her dressed at all... At that point I remember someone telling me I could give her a double dose of Motrin and it would be like a Rx dose of it.. So that is what I did.. and she was her perfect little self after about a half hour after that 2nd dose.. ONLY 8 hours went by and she was back to biting people heads off.. so I gave her the normal over the counter does of the Motrin again and with in 30 mins she was back to normal..
The Motrin thing is a life saver as far as dealing with her mood and stuff but it is just a mask.. it's not fixing the problem of her brain being under attack it is just lessening the symptoms that come from the swelling of her brain when it is under attack...
I can't figure out where she came in contact with strep.. no one here is sick and no one I know is sick...
Unless when she went to the doctors for a follow up on the PANDAS on Monday there was some form of strep lingering in the doctors office.. because she has been doing so well until Monday night..
I guess you just never know.. but it sort of makes sense that the doctors office would be the place to pick up a germ. :-(
So please keep Sweet Pea in your prayers that those antibodies leave her soon and stop attacking her brain again.

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