Monday, June 28, 2010

It's been 2 weeks..

It has been 2 weeks and Sweet Pea is doing wonderful.. She hasn't been having any issues at all.. Nothing... NOTHING!!!!!!
Thank you Lord..

Today she had her visit with her doctor Dr T.
It wasn't a good visit IMO.. He(Dr T.) thinks it was a great visit..
Sweet Pea is doing better, he is proud of himself for treating her and making her better.. He was the 1st to say he doesn't know much about PANDAS but he is patting himself on the back for figuring it out right away and getting her better..

ONLY now.. he is going back to his older way of thinking and thinking we need to think about taking her off her antibiotic.. Because alot of doctors fear the effects of long term a/b..

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything I have ever read about PANDAS says most doctors who don't study PANDAS will either not want to treat it with the A/B or they will want to stop them as soon as the child seems to be doing better... Everything/everyone says as a parent we cant let them do that because as soon as they go off the antibiotic it all starts back.. might not be the full blow thing that made them call it PANDAS in the 1st place but could be the milder side to it which is still there brain being under attack.

He has her on it still and wants her back in a month.. so I have a month to pray that he doesn't take her off yet before I might have to fight for her..

Please everyone I could use your prayer on this matter also..

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