Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010

Today was the kids last day of school for the year... I'm very glad it is done and over with.. This will sort of keep the strep germ at bay.. Or so I hope it does.. she will still be playing on two softball teams, and playing with her friends.. and doing VBS and an over night summer camp.. so she will still have ample opportunity to be exposed :-(
But as much as I want to put her in a bubble I want her to have as much of a normal childhood as she can..
I'm thinking summer should be better then the school year in any case.
Today Sweet Peas had some of the mild maybe PANDAS symptoms..
not before school but later in the evening around 7:30pm she seemed to get that panicked state of mind she gets where she sort of obsesses on something and works herself up about it.. This time I was at my grandmas and I mentioned that I think Sweet Pea will get the teacher for next year that I requested.. Sweet Pea heard me and started to freak out that she wants to be in the same class as her friend Taylor and nothing I said( I asked the principle to put them together but she couldn't grasp that idea) made her calm down about it for a good long while, she was even crying about how she "HAS" to be with Taylor. Then this evening she had that fear of the dark sort of like she was doing last July.. not as bad where she wouldn't leave my side but bad enough that she had me going around closing all the drapes and blinds so she wouldn't see the dark..
I didn't give her the Motrin to see if it was PANDAS or not.. I figured it was close enough to bedtime that I would just give her the antibiotic and see if I could get her to sleep with no major issues.. It is 10:30pm now and she is in the bedroom with her little brother watching cartoons.. (no school in the morning and all)
But she isn't crying, being moody or needing me next to her and she isn't having any clothing sensory issues)

Speaking of the clothing sensory issues.. I don't know what to do. when all this started I thought she was having sensory issues(which in a way she was) I fought with the doctor to give me a script to OT.. and after about 3 weeks he agreed.. but with in a few days we found out it was PANDAS. for the most part all the sensory stuff is gone.. It only came back just a little for the 1st time in a month this past Friday.. Anyways back when I got the script she was placed on the waiting list for an OT evolution they got her set up for that on July 1,2010
I don't know if I need to do that now seeing as I now know she doesn't have a sensory issue per say.. Only when her brain is under attack and ONLY IF those antibodies are hitting THAT part of her brain.. So do I need to keep this appointment or cancel it.. Do I tell them I no longer need it or do I keep it in case the issues come back???
I don't know what to do.. I'm going to ask her doctor but since he wasn't in favor of OT in the 1st place I'm pretty sure he will say she doesn't need it.. Maybe I should ask her counselor also and see what she thinks.

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