Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 10-14,2010

June 10th was a good day until bedtime.. Sweet Pea started in with the high anxiety stuff, afraid of the dark and night.. a quick dose of Motrin kicked that in the butt.. That and also having a plan.. you see the whole day DH and the two younger kids had been planning a camp out in the back yard in the tent.. But shortly right after dark, Sweet Pea started acting not her self.. pouting sad and then came the fear of seeing it dark out side.. she wanted to stay in the house with me.. and was crying and sad about it.. I knew how excited she had been about this.. and while fear of sleeping in a tent isn't an uncommon thing for kids.. I just had this feeling that hers was a PANDAS thing.. So I grabbed the Motrin quickly.. with in an hour she was happy and wanting to go sleep in the tent.. she said her only fear was what if she had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night..(which very well might have been her fear, but was made to over react to it by the PANDAS) we got the plan in place.. of DH telling her well if you have to wake me up and I'll walk ya in the house so your not walking in the dark by yourself. That made her feel safe and all was well and they had a great camp out..

Something more about Thursday night.. I was coloring my teenagers hair.. and when I felt her head she felt extremely warm to me.. I said to her you have a fever, she said back.. Yea I know had it for two days but I'm too busy to be sick.. UGH UGH UGH... she never told me she wasn't feeling well, she never complained about being sick, she went on with her normal routine and never mentioned it.. So I put two and two together.. and thought Princess's fever and not feeling well(though not telling me) brought on Sweet Pea's PANDAS symptoms.

Friday June 11
Princess was in the house Sweet Pea in the tent.. Princess and I woke up 1st She was all stuffed up couldn't breath out of her nose and full of sinus junk.. She had just got over(or so we thought) a Sinus infection.. this was like that again.. I looked at her and said.. I know they say this is sinus.. but I would put money on the fact that it is Strep some how..
I said this because of the change Sweet Pea was having..
I had amoxicillin of Princess's(that she didn't finish last time due to them changing her RX to a different a/b) So I started her on that..
I would have loved to run her to the doctor and have some sort of strep test but it wasn't happening.. It was already 10am and she was leaving at 10:30am for a softball tournament..

Sweet Pea when she woke up was having more PANDAS stuff.. crying for no reason, sad for no reason.. moody.. gave her more Motrin and the symptoms didn't seem so bad. She had an eye doctor appointment(no glasses yet she is at 20/25) Then she was leaving to go spend the week at my parents house.. I was worried about her going with the little symptoms she was having.. and me thinking Princess had more then a sinus infection due to the way Sweet Pea was acting.. Anyways..

I told my mom all about what I thought was going on.. and how Sweet Pea was acting she said she would call me if she needed me.
The rest of Friday and all day Saturday my mom gave Sweet Pea Motrin ever 8 hours and Sweet Pea was perfectly fine..

Saturday June 12,
Sunday June 13
and Monday June 14
Sweet Pea has been Symptom free..
Saturday and Sunday Princess was at a softball tournament.. Still fighting the sinus stuff.. taking the amoxicillin and benadryl and starting to feel better.. Monday Princess left for a week at Church summer overnight camp

Sweet Pea while spending the night at my parents with all the other cousins.. I still got to see her and spend time with her to see for myself how she is acting..
Sunday saw her at church and at my brothers for a picnic and she was fine.. happy no symptoms.
Monday my mom brought her home for her softball game and she was my happy little girl.. perfectly fine..

So that is how she has been.
I'm going to post this now.. but then write another post of something I was thinking and found today.

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