Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 7, 8, and 9th 2010

Things have been really good on the PANDAS end of things.. I can't get over the change I have seen in Sweet Pea since school ended and she isn't in the class room/school building being exposed to strep daily..

June 7, 8 and 9 all symptom free days.

Monday the 7th she had her 1st softball rec league game and her team won 29-14 with Sweet Pea being part of almost every play where they threw the other team out.. she also had hits every time up at bat and had 3RBIs.. But what was the coolest part of the evening was when they got there uniform shirts and she said to me.."mom this is way to big." When signing her up for the rec softball she was in the middle of the full blown sensory issues that came from the PANDAS.. where even the way too big stuff on her was hurting her and making her cry.. so to hear her complaining about it being "TOO BIG" that was a very good thing..Tuesday the 8th.. we went to see her counselor and made our game plan up as how they plan to work with her.. She did get her on the list to see a physiatrist only because her doctor asked for it.. But she is low prioritie so I don't know when she will get in there.. but the counselor seems to be helping a great deal with the high anxiety end of the PANDAS.. helping her have game plan in place to help her deal with the anxiety when it hits..
The only issue we had on Tuesday was she started feeling sick a little bad tummy pains and diarrhea, also said her head was spinning.

Wed.. no PANDAS stuff but still had the upset tummy and dizzy stuff going on.. I called the doctor he wasn't in talked with the nurse I was wondering if it was could be from her meds.. they said tummy stuff could be but not the spinning stuff so they think she caught a bug So if she is showing signs on Thursday of being sick we will go into the doctor.. But whatever it is it isn't bringing on any PANDAS stuff.. Which is a good thing..
Wed night DH and Mr Man was camping in the yard.. Sweet Pea wanted to also but she was starting to worry about sleeping outside.. Her fear came from not the night time or being outside.. but about waking up in the middle of the night and needing to go to the bathroom... as part of her plan she came up with on Tuesday .. She came to me and shared with me the fear so that we could put a plan in place so she wouldn't have to feel afraid if she did wake up and have to use the bathroom... This was an easy one.. She didn't' have to walk from the tent to the house alone at night.. she just wakes up daddy and he would walk her in.. and once we told her that all the fear was gone...
I'm going to have to remember this one for when she heads off to summer camp because the bathrooms are NOT in the cabin..

The only other thing PANDAS related is that I'm looking into getting her a 504,(whatever that is,I'm still learning) for the schools.. So they will have to by law help me keep her safe while at school.
I'll share more on that once I learn more about it.. but that is all I have for now.. :-)

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