Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Last 6 Days

July 6th.. we had a very good day.. no real Pandas symptoms.. Sweet Pea had her appt with the counselor, and after that we got lunch and then got her home to go to her ball game Which they won, her team is undefeated so far..
After that I drove her to my parents house to spend the night with my nieces.. nd she did great that night.

July 7th I didn't see her at all, but my mom said it was a PANDAS free day..

July 8th.. I went over to my parents to see my kids and visit with my sister and family.. After dinner that night I was ready to leave all the kids wanted to spend the night again... When Sweet Pea went to give me a kiss and hug goodbye she felt like she was burning up.. sure enough she was running a fever.. I brought her home.. She slept the whole way home.. I gave her Motrin for the fever and she slept the whole night.

July 9th.. I thought about calling the doctor and getting her in... she still was running a fever.. ONLY She was having NO PANDAS symptoms so I figured it had to be some sort of virus seeing she is already on an antibiotic which would have killed anything that wasn't virus or should have anyways.. So I figured if she wasn't having PANDAS issues I would just let it run its course.

July 10th.. her fever broke.. and she was good the whole day until bedtime.. when she started having fears of the dark.. be it normal childhood not wanting to sleep in a room alone or part of the PANDAS stuff I'm not 100% sure because I just gave her Motrin and let her sleep with me.. OH and at that time her fever was back..

July 11th.. no fever but moodiness and fear of the dark was there in full force.. she also was having issues with a dress I wanted her to wear to church.. saying it was bugging her.. So I didn't force the issue just let her pick what she wanted.. once again not sure if that "bugging" her with the dress was her just not wanting to wear the dress or if it was part of the sensory issues stuff from the PANDAS.. The way she was crying and acting about it reminded me of the PANDAS so I thought on Monday I would take her to the doctor..

July 12th. She was perfectly fine.. no PANDAS issues, no fever.. perfectly happy.. slept in her own room.. had a friend spend the night, went to VBS...
So I didn't call the doctor... She still has a nasty cough(which while she was sick her symptoms was fever, couch and stuffy nose) So I guess I wait and see how she is today after VBS(today being the 13th) if she still has a super bad cough I still might call the doctor, just to make sure it is just a cold and nothing strep related...

This is a bit confusing.. if she would have had NO issues PANDAS related at all.. I would not be calling the doctor.. but since there was a day or two with some issues.. and she is still coughing.. It has me wondering about strep..

So that is where we are at the moment..

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  1. Hello, I was just browsing at blogs and I ran across yours. I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful daughter. It sounds like you are a wonderful mother and a great women in christ so your daughter is very lucky to have you. I know you don't even know who I am but I will keep your family in my prayers... I am also a born again christian :)